This is the foundation of all other dance! Ballet aids in making a great Tap dancer, Jazz dancer, gymnast, model, etc. It provides poise, correct body alignment, flexibility, balance and lightness. Ballet is a very discipline type of dance; therefore we do not recommend that a child starts until the age of six.


Pointe is offered to the intermediate and advanced ballet dancers. Students must be at the age of 12 to begin Pointe, and have had at least two to four years of ballet training. By this time we feel that muscle tone and coordination is more developed, along with the small bones in the feet-which are not totally fused together until the age of about seventeen.


Beginning at the age of 2. Over the years it has been proven that the sound of the tap shoes in addition to the upbeat music, helps hold the interest of a toddler and pre-schooler. Tap focuses on the rhythmic movements and sounds of the feet.


Beginning at the age of 5. Their attention span and coordination level is ready to take on more difficult movements. Jazz includes kicks, turns, leaps, isolations and more.

Hip Hop

Beginning about the age of 5 or 6. A type of street dance that incorporates jerky, direct, sharp and smooth movements. We recommend that our students have a background of Jazz before taking on Hip Hop.

Polynesian (Hawaiian / Tahitian)

Beginning at the age of 5 or 6. Their attention span and coordination level allows them to take on the task of coordinating their arms and hips together. Hawaiian is slow and the whole story is told with the hands. Tahitian is done to the rapid beat of the drums, and primarily works the hips to the beat of the music. Certain props are used in the Tahitian dance such as EE’s, Poi Balls, Uli Uli’s, Bamboo Sticks, and more. These particular props are used to help advance the dancer.


Beginning at the age of 3. Aids in the development of large motor skills and flexibility. We also offer tumbling for cheer-leading preparation.

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